The easiest route planner, helps you optimize the order of multi stops deliveries, discover how!

Plan the delivery route with many stops as quickly as possible, the App automatically orders and let you save more than an hour on average each day and bring you home faster than your intuition.

vision route planner optimize multi stops
route planner optimize deliveries save time money

Check your savings in a new statistics layout, you will see distance, hours and fuel cost saved because less driving on the road = less petrol used = money in your pocket!

Once the list of stops to be made by voice, autocompletion, Excel/GPX files or images has been added, the app manages all the rest. It will decide the order that avoids traffic, prevents you from returning to the same area multiple times and will make you finish the delivery route as quickly as possible.

*** Free version available with the highest usability than all the other Apps *** Unlimited Routes. No credit card required.

If you are late on planning, optimize the rest of the route again to avoid traffic and arrive on time and in the delivery time window for that stop.

Vision Route Planner is the only App that can extract addresses from any type of image / screenshot, even with handwritten text.
You can specify templates or shipping notes by extracting only the actual delivery addresses, even from multiple images simultaneously or in realtime directly from the camera, now reading also QR and BarCodes!

Computer Vision Algorithms helps you to add stops directly from the Camera!

All this is possible thanks to our computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms that analyze the content of the images and insert the addresses found directly on the map, possibly making corrections and suggestions!

For UK users we are now able to automatically detect postcodes in images! We are working to improve this topic also for the other countries.

Fast delivery route planner: this app creates the fastest multi-stop delivery routes and helps to build routes with stops ordered according to traffic and the means used for delivery personnel.

Drivers who use VISION ROUTE PLANNER return home more than an hour earlier than those who don’t and save time, refueling costs and stress!

100.000+ Drivers are using it, what are you waiting for? Download it NOW!

How it works
✓ Enter the stops: by voice, text, read automatically from images/excel files QR/Barcodes or by using the search box. Otherwise you can also hold down on a point on the map to bring up the marker.

✓ Press Optimize to order stops in the best way based on traffic, timetables and distances.

✓ Click on each location and select Navigate to open the external navigation.

✓ At the end of delivery keep track of the visited stop by ticking it and making it green, so you can subsequently optimize the route again by excluding the stops already visited

The basic application is free up to 20-35 stops per day depending on the country, but a cheap daily bonus pack or a self-renewable subscription is now available for those who need intensive use.
You can cancel the renewal at any time on this page of the Play Store or in your Google Play application.

Other Smart Features:

  • Unlimited delivery routes -Dynamic re-routing
  • Add and Delete stops on the go and by voice
  • Navigate with your favourite navigation tools like google maps and waze
  • Add customers phone numbers and call/text them directly from the app
  • Avoid tolls and highways
  • Voice enabled location input
  • Import delivery locations via excel upload
  • Time slot based Deliveries
  • Record mile and mileage
  • Cash expenses

In case of problems before writing a review here with very few information from which is impossibile for us to retrieve your account, please send an email to we will answer in a few minutes.